Bell’s Palsy is paralysis of facial nerves. It is characterized by facial drooping, eye tremor, unable to close eye, eyeball rolling upward and unable to chew or swallow.  

Acupuncture treats Bell’s Palsy by strengthening immune system, restoring circulation of qi and blood, relieving stiffness of facial muscles, reducing numbness, rejuvenating facial nerves quicker and encouraging brain to secrete collagens, which increase elasticity of the facial skin.  

It is recommended for patients diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy to immediately come to an acupuncturist.  Recovery is quicker because the whole body is fighting against Bell’s Palsy. But if left untreated for a long time, Bell’s Palsy can cause complications like permanent damage to facial nerves, involuntary contraction of certain muscles and permanent inability to close eye, which may lead to blindness.