It is normal for people to feel anxious when they have some worries or something important coming up like license exam or public speech. But if this anxiety continues with no particular reason, then it is definitely a problem. People with anxiety issues experience extreme fear, chest pain, palpitation, shortness of breath, nausea, stomach pain, insomnia or headache.  

In oriental medicine theory, anxiety is considered an imbalance between heart and kidney. Heart is the only organ that constantly pumps blood throughout the body without resting. If heart gets excited too much, heat is caused within heart and leads to insomnia and anxiety. Kidney functions as ‘water’, calming down heat in the heart. If kidney fails to contain heat, heat then changes into fire which goes up and disturbs the mind.  
Acupuncture treats anxiety by balancing out heart and kidney, thus getting rid of heat in the heart and supporting water in the kidney.  

Depression is a serious issue in the United States ; more than 20% of Americans experience it at some point in their life. 
In oriental medicine perspective, depression is related to malfunction of liver, which is an viscera responsible for circulating qi and blood in our body. Suppression of mood disrupts the flow of qi and blood, lowering energy and causing poor digestion and sleep. If this persists for certain amount, further symptoms can appear like sudden mood swings, poor memory, easily tired, body pains, maniac behaviors and mental cloudiness.  

Acupuncture helps treat depression by focusing on circulating qi. When qi circulates smoothly, people will become strong enough to return to normal life.