ac.png Why Acupuncture? 

• Acupuncture is proven to be effective in pain
• No major side effects & no pain
• Minimal health costs

There are many effective treatment methods and medications to relieve pain. We could say that everyone has at some point taken a pain relieving medication or anesthesia treatment. They usually work by relieving pain temporarily while the natural healing process takes care of the actual painful symptom. 

Acupuncture treatment is a very powerful treatment for pain. It works by stimulating the flow of the qi in the area being treated.  In oriental medicine theory, pain is caused by an obstruction in the flow of qi. By stimulating the qi of a specific painful area, pain is being elevated. In western point view, acupuncture raises endorphin levels, thus diminishes the nerve system’s pain response. 

Although scientific researches are still in the midst of trying to successfully explain the mechanism behind acupuncture and other alternative treatment methods, there are numerous studies that have already found the effects of acupuncture for acute and chronic pain syndromes and symptoms. 

Of course, just because it hasn’t been scientifically proven yet does not mean it is not effective. As most patients who have already done acupuncture and acupressure treatments for lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines and chronic headaches might have experienced, it is a superior way of treating pain compared to conventional pain therapies like just consuming effective pain killers, NSAIDS and effective analgesics. 

Anatomically, acupuncture needles can reach directly into the specific muscle fiber that has formed a knot, a trigger point, that could be said is a cause of pain in trigger point acupuncture styles. Deep tissue massage and Tuina uses fingers to press down deep and ease out the tension of that point. In trigger point acupuncture treatment, or muscle acupuncture, we use very thin needles that are usually 10 times thinner than a usual injection needle, to insert it directly into the knotted muscle fiber and cause miniscule injury to that trigger point. The miniscule injured muscle is now triggered into an inflammatory recovery mode thus removing the knotted tension from the painful muscle simultaneously. 

Acupuncture is a superior way of treatment, compared to conventional pain killers and analgesics, since it also stimulates the healing process of the pain’s origin itself, thus fundamentally treating pain.  Also conventional medicine require a continual increase of dosage to maintain the desired effect, while acupuncture can be applied how many times as necessary without the toxicity of the medication.